Lumpy Potatoes, Anyone?

COVID Thanksgiving “Adjustments” Happy Thanksgiving 2020!  This Thanksgiving will look quite different for many families.  Many of us are used to gathering with family and friends, sitting around a table together, laughing, passing dishes we all touched, maybe even holding hands (GASP!)  and praying together.  Now we aren’t even supposed to be in the same […]

Wonder Woman is Human Too!

Wow, it has been a long time since I’ve written!  I’ve started so many blog posts, and then my overly full schedule or perfectionism (which both continue to top my list of “growth opportunities”) seem to constantly and effectively interfere.  So, first and foremost – HELLO!  And thank you for being here with me! On […]


Love: Unselfish, loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another ( How do I even begin to write on this ginormous topic that is the essence of my very being and purpose in life? I’m a crazy, quirky, passionate “Love Girl,” that is for sure! I always sign my name with a heart, am […]


As another year comes to a close, how are your head and heart feeling as you reflect back on 2018? What words come to mind as you think about 2018? Happiness? Sadness? Gratefulness? Joy? Indifference? Exhaustion? Regret? Or are you too busy right now to even sit and think about it (let alone read a […]

Asking For Help

In my previous blog post, I shared about the importance of restoration and how the North Shore of Minnesota is one of those places I journey to in order to feel restored. I would like to share another story about my recent trip up north, and it relates to a theme that I often see […]


My beautiful daughter called me the other morning on her way to work and as we were clucking away and catching up on life, she said to me,  “So, how ARE you Mom?” and I replied, “I’m great!” Her response slayed me… “I haven’t heard you say that in a really long time, Mom.” I […]

The Bravest Thing I’ve Ever Done…. (Is “Bravest” even a word?)

The first time you decide to write, to share, to publish, to open a piece of yourself up to the world, is… terrifying (for me anyway – a closet introvert, social media shy, private, over-thinker). What if it is just “ok?”  What if it actually sucks?  What if people think I’m a terrible writer? (I mean, […]