Couples & Relationships

Brave Soul is experienced in and passionate about helping couples work through relationship challenges. Emotional disconnection, sexual issues, communication struggles, “roommate syndrome,” infidelity, and addiction issues are just a few of the common challenges many couples face at one time or another in their relationships.  You don’t have to figure out solutions on your own! Brave Soul brings an encouraging and balanced approach to relationship counseling that includes exploring and affirming one another’s needs, forgiving past hurts and reconnecting hearts.

Premarital Counseling

Certified Prepare/Enrich premarital counselor.  Brave Soul is committed to helping couples develop a realistic, strong and healthy foundation for their future together. We’ll explore your growth areas and celebrate the strengths you each bring to your relationship.  This is a very rewarding and fun experience!


Brave Soul works with individuals of all ages, including children and adolescents seeking help or change in order to live your best life!

  • Children – Trained in and utilize play therapy as children most often express themselves best through play
  • Adolescents/Teens – Strengths and experience in anxiety, depression, self-harm, body-image and belonging/friendship issues
  • Adults – Specialize in anxiety, depression, self-confidence, grief & loss, mid-life exploration and relationship struggles


Career Counseling

Stuck in a job that isn’t fulfilling? Ready to move to the next level but don’t know how? Feel like you are working in a field that doesn’t best utilize your talents and abilities?  Jill Ellingson worked as a leader and mentor in the corporate world for over 10 years and provides coaching around career planning, job hunting, resume drafting and goal setting.  She will walk alongside of you, encourage you, and help build your confidence and strength to take whatever that next step may be in your life.


Whether you are struggling with misbehaving children, challenging teens, relationship issues with siblings, parents or blended families, all families have their unique dynamics and challenges. Brave Soul believes that love is at the center of most families; sometimes we just need help reconnecting and finding that common ground for the healing process to begin!

Family Reunification Counseling

Looking to reconnect as co-parents after a challenging divorce situation? All kids need a healthy relationship with both parents when possible. Brave Soul helps mediate and neutralize family tension to arrive at a place where healthy relationships can re-develop and thrive again.


Brave Soul Counseling provides Teletherapy via a HIPAA compliant and secure video conferencing platform.  This type of therapy can be provided to clients who are using private pay or EAP services for their counseling sessions as most insurance companies currently do not cover Teletherapy.